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Rumpus Poetry Book Club 12-Month Subscription


Product Description

Give the gift of The Rumpus Poetry Book Club. Get books before they’re released, and engage in moderated chats with the authors. When you purchase the gift subscription you get one month of membership free.

How The Rumpus Poetry Book Club works: Every month a forthcoming poetry book will be chosen by a member of our poetry advisory board: Brian Spears, Camille Dungy, and Gabrielle Calvocoressi (more information on the advisory board here). Some times we’ll let a special guest choose a book. The chooser of the book will write a post about why they picked this specific book and host that month’s online discussion with the book club and the author. To see what one of those discussions look like go here. We’ll publish an edited version of the discussion on The Rumpus, something like this.

You can write a review of the book and we’ll run the best written review(s) on the website. You don’t have to participate in the discussion or review the book, you could just subscribe to receive a new, unpublished poetry book every month.

We’re going to try to only read good books. Of course, all creative writing is subjective. But if we choose a poetry book it’s because we believe it’s really good. We’ll often have to chose between several really good poetry books, but there’s no way around that.

HOLIDAY NOTE: All one-year subscriptions purchased from November 25 through the end of December will begin on 1/1/17.